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Art meets true crime in CompositeCast, produced  by Brian J Davis and hosted by Emily Schultz.

Episode 2: Who Killed Anna Mendieta?

Was a young feminist artist murdered by her husband on September 8th, 1985? After three years of trials the court declared sculptor Carl Andre not guilty of the murder of Ana Mendieta. But the trial was controversial, and the case revealed deep divisions of gender, race, and class in New York’s art scene.  

Episode 1: The Cotton Club Case

Cartel bosses pitching movies. Bodybuilding hitmen. Fallen sitcom stars. Robert Evans. The Cotton Club Case is the stuff of Hollywood legend, but what really happened? And, what was the final gross? In this debut episode of the Composite podcast producer Brian J Davis and host Emily Schultz explore those questions and also ask why comedians from Patton Oswalt to Bob Odenkirk love Robert Evans.

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