June 2020


The Blondes podcast will be the first dubbed podcast on the Sybel network. Based in France and specializing in scripted and documentary podcasts, Sybel was named Google’s App of the Year in 2019 and has over one million monthly users.  French and Spanish language episodes will be available in July. More here.

"Men Walking on Water"

Series adaptation of the novel by Emily Schultz.

Executive Producers and Writers: Emily Schultz, Brian J Davis .

Optioned by Alibi Entertainment.

Safe Space

Feature script by Brian J Davis and Emily Schultz

A creative writing teacher in New York discovers she has lycanthropic powers after being pushed too far, one too many times. When she joins an all-female werewolf pack, she must make a choice between her need for revenge and her humanity.

Film & TV manager: Evan Cavic at Artists First