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Stakes Out!
Vampires are canceled! Join journalist and vampire relationship survivor Cecilia Corrigan for Stakes Out! A podcast for anyone who has been in thrall to the toxic undead.

For hundreds of years popular culture has told us that vampires are romantic, doomed figures who can be fixed only by us. These troubled souls will talk about "crossing oceans of time for you" but do they really mean it? Are they just gaslighting us until they find their next meal, leaving us drained of blood, youth, and confidence? In each episode Cecilia takes a deeper look into her own experience to investigate this invisible trend that has seen an explosion during the pandemic. Along with conversations with fellow survivors, Stakes Out! explores different types of abusive vampires and how we’ve been trained to romanticize our blood loss trauma. Cecilia takes us beyond the cliches, and we'll learn that vampire relationships don't always fit the bug-eating, leather trenchcoat stereotype. We'll even hear from vampires themselves: some who want to change and those who, sadly, are not ready to.

Host: Cecilia Corrigan
Producers: Brian J Davis and Emily Schultz
Show art by Jonathan Kociuba