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Miss Havisham’s School of Bad Manners


A podcast series written and created by Yvonne Zima

Produced by Brian J Davis and Emily Schultz. Coming soon!

We're ecstatic to be working with writer and performer Yvonne Zima (HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death, Netflix's Startup) on her reinvention of Victorian literature's most misunderstood character.


The Satis School for Self Mastery has an unusual etiquette curriculum. In fact, it burns tradition to the ground. Instead of teaching its students how to "please" men, it teaches how to break men, giving lessons in self defense, archery, Machiavellian strategy, and sexual survival.


The school is run by none other than Miss Havisham. Yes, that Miss Havisham. In this scripted podcast series the jilted bride of Great Expectations is reimagined as a radical headmistress. She may have been repeatedly traumatized by various men during her brutal Victorian life, but she won’t let her students experience the same. For one student, Estella, not all is idyllic in this liberated school: crimes go unnoticed in its woods; girls get lost in its labyrinths; bodies wash up on the beach at night. Over four episodes she’ll start to uncover the school’s secrets.


Music by Amelia Wellers

Series art by Carolyn Tripp